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Have a lot of fun by playing the games available in Liknongames. In the presentation that follows, you will surely find something that meets your interests. The symbols over each game lead to the specific package that should be installed on your device, while the [HTML5] symbol points to a version of the game that can be played immediately from the device(Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows phone, Mac, PC, etc...) and doesn't need any installation.

  • Spaceball - adventure in space

  • Vampire - inside the house of horror

  • Solomon's Key - send the daemons back to Hades

  • Musical Chairs - unlimited fun

  • Loom II - the return of the swans


Spaceball on Google Play | | | |

In this game the events take place in the outer space. You control the astronaut who has to collect energy balls from the top of the mountain on the asteroid at the right and put them into the spaceship. All long the short way a lot of traps are set and waiting. The game is available for Android, Facebook and for playing it online from whatever device/platform. However, only from the Android version is it possible to submit your high score to the "Temple of Heroes" in the website of the game

The house of the Vampire

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A lot of other people got into the house of the deadly vampire but no one of them came out. But you are not supposed to suffer the same fate. While you are inside, remember always where you came from, what did you see there, and how can you go back. Dozens of rooms are waiting you in this gothic-style game. Once you finished it, you will be able to post this great achievement to the App Page of the game in Facebook.

Musical Chairs

Before this game playing 'musical chairs' had some difficulties. When and who should stop the music, so to indicate to the players that they had to seat in the chairs in the middle of the room? With this game you don't have to worry about that. You simply set a time interval and the game randomly decides when the alarm-music will start so that anyone can understand that it is time to seat down.

V Media

Mobile application for watching on the way the greek (web) TV channel VMedia). The menu covers all services of the station. The user can visit the blog of the channel and learn from there all topic and world news.

Loom II

Loom II is a demo adventure game as an attempt to make a sequel of the famous game Loom made by Lucasarts back in 1990. The interface is the same as in the original game. The player has to spell short drafts by playing music notes with his magic flute. A reverse playing of the notes has the opposite effect.

Solomon's Key

The story in Solomon's Key is about a wizard who gets into the palace of King Solomon that is now squatted by demons and other bizarre creatures. A room is completed by acquiring a key to the door before a timer runs out. The original game is developed by Tecmo in 1986. This is an attempt to recreate it with different rooms that the original one. Since it belongs to my first experiments in the game programming, it is written for MS DOS and it requires the DosBox utility that simulates the environment of the old MS-DOS operating system.

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Liknongames is my personal sanctuary where I create applications and games for a wide variety of platforms and devices. A few words about me: My name is Theodosis Ekizoglou, I live in Athens/Greece. I am a graduated in Mathematics (MSc) with many years' experience in the software development and programmer of all products found here, in this page. Please visit my profile in LinkedIn for more details around my professional experience.

And ...have in mind! If you don't have already a game in you business-website that is designed only for you then simply contact me and motivate people to visit your site.

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