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Liknongames acts as a window to your yet undiscovered imagination. You can choose be a hunter of vampires and a few hour later, if you want to be an astronaut who collects energy balls from the mountains of an asteroid, it is also possible. Speaking with swans and searching for keys in the castle of King Solomon is another option. And if you get tired of the adventure, you can relax by playing word-games and musical chairs with your friends. Some games can be played instantly in your browser without any instalation to be needed, just by clicking on the (HTML5) symbol, when such a version is available. When clicking on the (Google Play) symbol then that version of the game is available on Google Play and you are forwarded there for proceeding with the instalation on your Android device. I hope you will enjoy your stay in my game studio.

  • Vresto! - Educational game

  • Spaceball - Adventure in space

  • Zathura - Boardgame and app

  • House of the Vampire - Inside the horror

  • Solomon's Key - Send the demons back to Hades

  • Musical Chairs - Unlimited fun

  • Loom II - The return of the swans


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When I got the invitation a few months ago to create a game for the children of the School for Special Education in Serres (Greece), I accepted it without second thought. The students get involved in the creation of the graphics that are used inside the game. And that is how "Vresto!" has born! The game is already installed in the official website of the School http://eeeek.ser.sch.gr in the section "Σύνδεσμοι" and it will be used inside the classroom from the beginning of the new school year(2018-2019). A version in english is also available there for the English lessons. You can try it also from these links (Στα ελληνικά)( Ιn english)

(created on May 2018)


Spaceball on Google PlayGet it on Google Play | Try it now | Watch the video

Asteroids belt. You control an astronaut who has to collect the energy balls from the top of the mountain on the asteroid and put them into the spaceship. The short way hides a lot of deadly traps that are set and waiting for you. The game is available for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Facebook and for playing it online from any device and platform. Only for scores that are achived in Game-Level-2 (G2) it is possible to share your highest score with the community of the other players to the "Temple of Heroes" in the website of the game

Currently best player is MALLIK, with 585 points (45 balls)

Zathura (cards shuffler)

Zathura on Google PlayGet it on Google Play | Watch the video

The "Zathura"-project is a mixture of a board game construction that I have made and of an android application that supports the play of that game. The game is a replica of the "Zathura - ADVENTURE IS WAITING" board game that came to the US market over a decade ago. The android application however is new and it acts like the mechanical shuffler for the 55 order-cards that was part of that board game. Of course you cannot download the board game but you can re-construct it by watching the video where I show step by step how I reconstucted the board. For any questions please contact me.

(November 2018)


Get it on Google Play | Watch the video

In "Vampire" the events take place inside ....where else?... the castle of the Vempire. Find it and eliminate it! You will soon realize that the chambers of the house build a complex labyrinth and you, as the player, have to remember where you came from and how will you get back there where you are now, since you have to collect several items and combine them with other items that you have probably seen in other rooms so to unlock sections of the castle and continue your mission. All this way inside this gothic environment is spread with dangerous guards, ready to eat your power. I'll take some time. There is the possibility for one saved session of the game.Once you finish the game, please post the unique code that you will get to the page of the game on Facebook. Latest update for Android: 9/5/2018, version 6.0


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This is an educational CandyCrush-like game for finding quickly the correct pairs between words of two languages. Once a pair is found then the biscuit at the left side that contains the word of the left-language gets destroyed and the biscuits that are over this destroyed biscuit fall down following the rules of gravity and then the newly positioned bisquits are automatically re-matched and destroyed if they are of the same kind of biscuits in-a-row, in-a-column and in other "logic" combinations. Initially, a friend who had a foreign languages school and gave me the idea to make something like this. The game can be played instantly, by hitting the HTML5-symbol. There is also a special online operation-environment where the teacher can change the words (it is not available for public use. Please contact me for more details).

Musical Chairs Z80

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΅When you decide to play Musical Chairs with your friends or let children to play it, you soon realize that there is always the problem of who and when should stop the music, so that everyone knows that it is time to sit in the nearest chair in order to survice for the next round. With this game you don't have to worry about that anymore. You simply set a time interval and the game randomly chooses a moment in this interval for when the alarm-sound will start playing. The music pieces are a collection of old beloved arcade games of the age when the Z80-processor was the king in the Earth.

Loom II

Get it for Windows

Loom II is a demo adventure game that I created as an attempt to make a sequel of the famous game Loom made by Lucasarts back in 1990. The interface is the same as in the original game. The player has to spell short drafts by playing music notes with his magic flute. A reverse playing of the notes has the opposite effect.

Solomon's Key (+souce code in C !!!)

Get it for DOSBox

The story in Solomon's Key is about the wizard Dana who enters the palace of King Solomon that is now squatted by demons and other bizarre creatures. A room is completed by acquiring a key to the door before a timer runs out. The original game is created by Tecmo back in 1986. This is an attempt to remake it with different rooms than the original one. It is a remake and it belongs to my first steps in the game programming. My source code is also available and it can be changed and compiled in the programming environment of Turbo C++ 3.1 (Inside the zip-archive there are instructions for the compilation, the executable game itself and the needed resourses). It is written in 1999 in C and it requires now the DosBox environment to be played inside it. DosBox is available in all modern platforms.


Liknongames is a software development studio founded in Athens in 2010 with specialization in games and applications for a wide variety of platforms and devices. It is led by me, Theodosis Ekizoglou. For more information about my orbit in the universe of bits and bytes please read a short biography of me. Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts and your opinion about the games you have played in this island and even to discuss about co-operations in your game-project.

contact email: teki@liknongames.com

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